Fire, Drought, and Crash: Julia’s Letters From the West

“Tada!” Old growth forest to clearcut (outside (Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park)

“Before we hit the deer in California we hit somebody’s carburetor in Idaho.” excerpt from one of Julia’s emails to friends

Julia and I are exploring the West in our small car and homemade gypsy trailer. We went west looking for the perfect place to start our next long-distance saddle journey. We knew the West was burning up, drying out, and running out of water. It was worse than we thought and we destroyed our car.

October 3: How we started our trip. Julia and our Subaru and little red gypsy wagon (Lenoir, North Carolina)
Smoke in Medford, Oregon from California wildfires
Burned-out forest (outside Cave Junction, Oregon)
Dried-up lakes and irrigation (Honey Lake, California)
October 17: Crashed outside Susanville, California. Our car is a total loss. We escaped unscathed.

Read Julia’s Emails to Friends

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1 year ago

Sorry to hear about the car. Hope y’all are safe and hopefully y’all are. Sending good vibes.

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