For Sale: Trailer for Hauling Horses/Mules and Wagon Together

Sold Sold Sold: Enjoy your new trailer Etienne and Hahna!

How do you haul a horse and wagon in a single load? With a trailer that can do both. I’ve owned and enjoyed one of these rare trailers for 15 years. It’s served me incredibly well. This week I’m putting it up for sale.

The trailer. The horses or mules ride in the front. The wagon rides in the back.
Trailer loaded with wagon and mule. Mule and wagon not included.

The trailer is in excellent condition and ready to go anywhere. I’m only selling it because I don’t use it any more. I’ve gone from wagon travel to saddle travel.

Additional info:

  • fresh paint
  • barn under cover
  • new lights
  • brakes adjusted
  • solid floor
  • rubber mats
  • electrical system just professionally inspected
  • 12 foot open deck space for trailer (wagon shown is 11 feet long)
Freshly painted
Receipt for recent electrical inspection and work

Load from the Side or Rear

The trailer can be loaded from the side or rear. That lets you haul the wagon on the back of the wagon and load and unload animals without having to take the wagon off. In an emergency, the side door can also be used to get animals off quickly.

Side door for loading
Loading from the rear
The trailer is extra wide so allows plenty of room for three horses or mules
Back ramp up
Trailer has been stored in barn


This trailer is not just for hauling wagons, though. I’ve used it to haul tractors and cars. Or just horses and mules. It could easily hold 100 bales of hay.

Hauling New Holland TC-30 tractor
Heavy duty ramps
New wiring: trailer has new wiring

What it needs

This is not a new trailer. Like all trailers, it’s got a few things that could be improved. They are:

  • -one of the front plastic windows has been repaired. Works fine but might be replaced.
  • -one tire could use replacing
  • -the white, covered part of the trailer (where the horses and mules ride) has had some body work done on it. It is completely structurally sound.
The roof and front end. There storage compartment behind the front door is large enough to haul harness, saddles, feed, etc.

This has been an incredibly reliable, flexible trailer. It has never let me down on the road and I would haul it anywhere


Price: $7,500

Payment: Cash, cashier’s check

Located: Lenoir, NC

Title: NC title in hand

Transfer: I will help transfer the trailer in to the new buyer’s name at our local DMV office (Lenoir, NC)

Contact: Drop me an email

Trailer title: I will accompany buyer to DMV office upon payment to transfer title
Travel mates: our pony Pie and mules Cracker and Polly on the trailer. They sure think this beats walking!


If you’re interested in this trailer, just drop me an email.

Sold Sold Sold

Let Me Give You a Heads-up When my Book “Two Mules to Triumph” Comes Out

I’d be happy to give you a heads up when my new book “Two Mules to Triumph” comes out.

“Two Mules to Triumph” is about my 2,300-mile mule voyage from North Carolina to Idaho.


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Jayden whitten
Jayden whitten
5 months ago

How much do you want for the wagon hauler mule for sale

Jayden whitten
Jayden whitten
5 months ago

How much do you want for the wagon hauler mule

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