Get a Book and Mule Fuel Bookmark Straight off the Mule Wagon!

Breaking News: The General Store has moved aboard that Lost Sea wagon for the next 6 weeks. That’s right, here’s you chance to get signed books, DVDs and a Great Plains bookmark straight off the Lost Sea Expedition wagon….

Sooner or later she figured it would happened.
Bet, my dear friend who runs the RiverEarth General Store while I’m out muling, had “her knees done”.

That means mule Polly and I are in charge of the RiverEarth shipping department for the next 6 weeks.

So here I am traveling across the Nebraska Plains, surrounded by agricultural pivots, windmills, mule Polly and the bale of hay I carry on the back of the wagon.

Hay. Books. Hay. Books. File away that thought.

Books play a big role in my travling life. Right now I’m reading Solomon Butcher’s incredible f;asdflasdlfllas;f.
Nights, by candlelight, I read of how the early homesteaders fought locusts, drought and claim jumpers to tease a harvest from the land I’m rolling across. Then, sleep overcomes me and I have to close the book.

But what’s the proper way to keep your place in a book?

Out here in the mule wagon, I resort to the Prairie Bookmark. Think hay.

That’s right, I use a fine piece of prairie grass to mark my place. Be it a piece of buffalo grass, aflalfa, brohm, or, heaven’s forbid, cheat grass, nothing keeps my place better than a blade of Great Plains grass. Think of it as the mule fuel bookmark.


Which is where Bet’s knees come in.

It’s something I use in my daily life aboard the Lost Sea Expedition wagon. a Prairie Bookmark

After you read “Too Proud”, you can:
a) keep the book mark for you next book
Photo: Bernie demonstrates bedside bookmark use

b) feed it to your favorite equine

Click here to listen to Polly using her bookmark

Happy reading and bookmarking!

Disclaimer: Bookmark offer expires October 15, 2009 or when mule Polly catches Bernie stealing the baling twine off her hay bales – which ever happens sooner.


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