Get a Book Straight off the Mule Wagon

A yellow mule wagon rolls into your town and you think, “hmmmm…. Wonder what he’s selling?”

Anselmo, NE

Problem is, there’s a gap between what folks think they can buy off a mule wagon – and what you can actually carry aboard an equine-powered machine. I roll into a town like Anselmo, Nebraska, and folks wander up with a fist-full of dollars saying, “Mister, I’d like a hotdog.” or, “Mister, I’d like an ice cream.”

“Mister, can I buy an ice cream?”
Anselmo, NE

At first thought, the idea of selling dogs and cones off the Lost Sea Wagon seemed like a good idea. Then reality sank in. Books and DVDs don’t melt, spoil and draw flies in the summer heat. So aboard came the books “Too Proud to Ride a Cow” and “Woody and Maggie Walk Across America”, the grown-up and children’s accounts of our latest coast-to-coast mule voyage. For Great Plains sailing fans, I packed copies of the “65 Days at Sea” DVD.

It worked. Instead of walking away bummed they couldn’t buy something to eat, folks I’ve been meeting have been going home with something they could read or watch.

Then I started thinking. Why not let the folks back home, the ones following the Lost Sea Expedition online, get a book straight off the wagon?

Ordinarily, the General Store ships all books and DVDs from Southern Pines, NC. But after seeing how folks enjoyed walking away from the Lost Sea wagon with a book in their hands, I figured it’d be fun to spread the cheer farther afield.

So, from now until October 16, 2008 (or until mule Polly discovers she can’t eat the extra weight I’ve piled into the wagon), I’ll send you a signed copy of anything from the RiverEarth General Store direct from Polly’s wagon.

Signing a copy of “Too Proud” atop the Harlan County Dam
Outside Republican City, Nebraska

That’s right. When you click the red “Buy” button, your order will be directed to the Lost Sea wagon where I’ll sign your purchases then deliver them to the nearest Post Office.

By mule wagon, of course, just like we’ve done before….

Here come your books
Wagram, NC

Happy late-summer reading!


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