Getting Mail Like You Used To

Your mail’s gone to hell hasn’t it? Remember back in the day when your cousin Benton used to send you those mashed up cards from the funky places he visited. The time he went to Tumbleweed Adventure in Wyoming, snagged his jacket on the gift shop jackalope (he was trying to light his cigarette) and brought down the whole row of stuffed heads….. Yeah, but he sent you a postcard, didn’t he? It was the one with the Jackalope Hunting Permit on it.

The kind of stamp you used to get

Then something happened. We all got laptops, cousin Benton got an email account and all he writes about is his marathon times and resting heart rate (he quit smoking and moved to Colorado).

Well have I got something to drag you back to those analog days. It’s a post card from Tasmania.

Yep, as I travel around Tasmania, I’d like to send you a card. No, not one of those virtual online post cards that end up with a sanitary “bing” in your inbox. No, I’m talking about the kind the mailman risks his federal pension to sneak a peak at. The one that, if you catch him glimpsing into your bulk mail pizza and cable tv offerings, you’ll see him shaking his head wondering “Where the hell is Tasmania?”

He still thinks it’s a make believe place. Not you. Since you’ve been getting cards from there you know better.

So put that spring back into step, the one you used to have when you walked to the mail box to see if cousin Benton had sent you a card from his latest road trip. You want it. You need it. Here’s how to get your postcard from Tasmania….


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