A Copy of "Too Proud" Straight off the Mule Wagon

Polly and Bernie enjoy a copy of “Too Proud”
Hill City, SD

Adventure, mules, philosophy, adrenaline and companionship – all just a click and a book away. That’s right, “Too Proud to Ride a Cow”, the account of mule Woody’s 3,500-mile coast-to-coast adventure, is ready for ordering. Polly sure enjoyed her sneak peak.
Now take yours…

Hill City, South Dakota
November 14, 2007

It’s official!

“Too Proud to Ride a Cow”, the account of what I learned about
America, and Americans, on my last coast-to-coast mule journey, is available for pre-order. You’ll have a chance to preview “Too Proud” in a second but first let me tell you what makes this book release so neat.

It’s the first time in publishing history that a book’s being released, and shipped, direct from a mule wagon – as long as you put in your order before the official release date of November 8, 2007.

Here’s your copy
Hill City, SD

Here’s the deal.

“Too Proud” will be released November 3. Since so many of you enjoyed getting a copy of the “Woody and Maggie” children’s book book straight from the mule wagon (thousands have been sold now), I figured we’d do the same with “Too Proud”.

That’s right. Pre-order your copy of “Too Proud” between now and November 3 and Polly and I will ship you a First Edition copy straight from the Lost Sea wagon. Of course I’ll sign it, and just to certify it came off my wagon, stamp it with a special stamp.

Signed just for you aboard the Lost Sea wagon

Think of your purchase as a literary dose of magic that comes straight from the hands of adventure, something lacking in all those books that start their lives being plucked off a warehouse shelf by robotic fingers.

Because it’ll come off Polly’s wagon, the copy of “Too Proud” that ends up in your hands will be steeped in all the adventures you’ve followed on RiverEarth.com, from the ones I’ve told you about, like Polly running away in Wyoming, to the ones I’ve been too embarrassed to mention, like where Polly bolted and jumped a nine-strand wire fence – with the wagon still hooked behind her.
A genuine “Oh Crap!” moment I failed to mention
Location: Top Secret

Okay, ready for a look at “Too Proud”? Click here then hang on…


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