Going to Sea

Damn Skippy! The Plan’s not going as planned. The original hope had been to ride a mule across Tasmania. Silly me. I never bothered checking whether or not Tasmania had mules before I showed up.

Bugger. They didn’t. Seems Tassie’s a Mule Free Zone. But it’s not bike free. Which is exactly what I bought at the junk store. And just hit the road with that.

So last week I’m standing on the Southport dock talking with a fellow called Razor the Amazer . And a bit later, this wood crayfishing boat rocks up. Name is “Miss Carmen”. I meet the skipper and deckie (deckhand) and next thing I know, I’ve got my ten-dollar boke lashed on the deck heading out to the Southern Ocean.

Miss Carmen (Southport, Tasmania)

Hell, I could never have done that with a mule (Lyle Lovett, by the way, was dreaming when he sang about heading out to sea with his pony).

Deck cargo: I never said I was going to RIDE my bike around Tasmania


So the Plan has gone from mule to bike to fifty-foot wood crayfish boat heading into the Roaring Forties. Ready to come along? Good. Days I’m told I’ll be pulling crayfish pots. Nights, holed up in my focsle berth, I’ll be writing you about what I see. But now I’ve gotta run like Hell as “Miss Carmen” is about to drop her dock lines and I’d better be aboard.

So stay tuned for some pretty amazing photos involving lobster, albatross – and skeletons.

Hold fast mateys!

2010-12-13 09:14:49

Glad to see you finally made it onto a boat. Good fishing, and looking forward to hearing all about it! Heidi

2010-12-13 20:12:19

Oh, good grief. Be careful on those waters. Hope you have loads of fun!!!

Al Privette

2010-12-14 06:19:38

Google Earth it ….. it’s a beautiful place. Have fun (for all of us!).
Merry Christmas guy

2010-12-14 23:57:17

well they just dont know what life is about when ya donthave a mule

2010-12-16 13:56:33

hey bernie
show us some photos… I want to see em seas.
hold tight

2010-12-16 17:08:46

We’re in a deep freeze here in Indiana, lots of snow and ICE! Hope you are having warmer, more pleasant weather.


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