Goodnight Wishes From Damascus

I am writing you tonight from my hammock. It’s slung between my horse trailer and a stock panel. It’s pitch black outside and the night air smells like camomile.

Where I’m writing you from

I hear Brick and Cracker munching clover off in the night and I feel a deep peace. Tomorrow I saddle up and start my ramble. Here are a few more pics of where we’re camping.

Tonight I’m staying with Mike and Cindy Johnson. That’s Cindy in the back right. The goat’s name is Cake, Julia and I met the Johnson’s a few years ago on another mule ramble.
Mike and Cindy’s hay barn and Brick and Cracker standing off to the side
Brick rummaging through the back of the pickup
Cracker holding up traffic

Going Cellular

In the past I’ve posted all my updates on a laptop. On this trip, because I’m heading into remote country (which these days is defined by lack of cell service) I’m going to do my posts on my phone. This means you’ll probably get more sketchs and audio recordings of my thoughts. Oh, and spelling mistakes as I’m a crappy phone typer.

This’ll make these posts feel more like a scrap book than an essay.

Okay now a photo from my pocket journal.

Note from my notebook. I was driving through White Post and stopped to talk with a skinny man named Joey and his wife. He said, “It sure has rained a lot lately. It finally stopped and we’re just out walking now the weather’s fit.“ I like that turn of phrase “now the weather’s fit.” Then he asked me if I knew Jesus.

And Now a Goodnight Message

Goodnight thoughts and wishes from my hammock

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