Greetings from Science Hill, Kentucky

Bernie Harberts, mule, top hat

Welcome to Science Hill, Kentucky

Greetings from Science Hill, Kentucky. Mules Brick and Cracker have really pounded out the miles this week – 60 in the last three days alone. Now they’re entitled to a few days of rest. Thanks Terry and Debora Simning for letting them cool their heels in your hay pasture for a few days. Though it’s stocked with Kentucky’s finest blend of bluegrass, fescue and clover, Brick is also enjoying the poison ivy. Mules will be mules….

Bernie Harberts, mule, top hat

Cracker (L) watching Brick enjoy a poison ivy snack. My brother Christian says this how it went down:
Cracker: “Dude: That’s poison ivy.”
Brick: “Don’t dude me. You need to chill out.”
2 hours later.
Brick: “Dude, where’s the Tecnu?”

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