Harvey McPherson Explains the Creston Dinosaur

Harvey and the dinosaur
Creston, SD

Mule Polly pulled the Lost Sea Expedition wagon around a corner outside Creston, South Dakota, and there stood a giant green dinosaur. Click here to listen to Harvey’s McPherson’s explanation…

Traveling across the ancient sea bed of the Western Interior Seaway, which I refer to as the Lost Sea, I’m always on the lookout for marine fossils – and a good place to sneak a nap.

Imagine my surprise when mule Polly and I came across a dinosaur.

Coming across a dinosaur
Creston, SD

This I had to investigate.

A bit of searching turned up the dinosaur’s caretaker, Harvey McPherson. Harvey runs the ranch owned by Ken Wilson, where the dinosaur lives. In a addition to caring for the ranch’s red angus cattle, Harvey’s become a sort of on-site dinosaur guide. On a recent morning, standing in front of the enormous green creature, Harvey gave me his take on the critter’s history.

Harvey McPherson

To listen to Harvey’s version of the story, click on the audio player below.

Harvey in front of dinosaur

What I found fascinating about the Creston dinosaur story is that as Polly and I continued our journey across the Badlands, I started coming across all sorts of stories about the dinosaur’s past. The day after I visited with Harvey and the dinosaur, I caught up with Kathleen Ann, the grand daughter of the man who built the Creston Dinousaur. RiverEarth.com will air her story soon.

So what did I learn from Harvey and Kathleen’s stories?

That every grown up, kid and mule traveler should take time to listen to dinosaur stories. Then take a nap with one. And, of course, take a photo.

Self portrait with dinosaur

Happy napping!

Thanks Harvey and Kathleen for sharing your stories with mule Polly and me.

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