Have a Good Last Day of 2020

The last day of 2020 from where I’m writing you: the critters are (L-R) Pie (lying down on the front lawn), Polly, Snookie resting on his blanket, Brick grazing and Cracker staring off in to space.

I just wanted to wish you a good last day of 2020. I know it’s been a bumpy year but I wanted my last memory to be a good one. Looking out the cabin, this is what I saw. Let’s hope the coming year lives up to it. Happy New Year.


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3 years ago

I met you and Polly years ago in Plate Cove Newfoundland where you graciously joined us for dinner at Round da Bay Inn. That visit with you and Polly (especially Polly) was a highlight of our visit never forgotten. I just today pulled you up to introduce you to a colleague while we were discussing horses and mules. All the best to you and your family for the new year and who knows…we may cross paths again.

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