Hawk Hucks, Woman Watches Movie

When the mules sull up and my pen doesn’t want to scribble I think of comments like Patty’s. They keep me going. Seems Patty was up late with her sick dog Hawk watching the Lost Sea Expedition.

Hawk hucks (Julia Carpenter sketch. Plenty more of Julia’s art and essays at ConsideringAnimals.com)

Patty writes: Wow! Thank you for sharing your amazing lives with others. Love this blog and your show which I stumbled upon late at night when my dog woke me up from being sick. His name in Hawk and we are watching Bernie and Polly. I think it’s making him feel better.

The show Patty is referring to is the Lost Sea Expedition, the documentary I filmed traveling from Canada to Mexico with my mule Polly.

Thanks Patty and Hawk for your lovely comment. I hope Hawk feels better and you got some sleep!

Have a great weekend.

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