Hauling Mule and Wagon to Canada

Mule Polly and I are heading to Canada to begin the Lost Sea Expedition. Yes, we’re going by truck and trailer. Some would say that’s cheating. I say it’s the only way we’ll make the 2,200 miles from North Carolina to Canada before winter. Here’s what the land looks like.

Pilot Mountain
Winston Salem, NC

The first night’s encampment
Outside Portsmouth, Ohio

Lost Sea Sunset One
Bill Smith’s farm
Portsmouth, Ohio

As of this posting, we’re 50 miles north of Indianapolis. Yes, we’re out of “Frank’s Deer Urine” country now – a reference to the homemade signs advertising the deer scent of choice in these parts. Enjoy your weekend.

(Thanks Bill Smith for putting up mule Polly and I. Good luck with your land preservation work.)


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