Heading Back to the Tassie Mainland

Cow (Flinders Island, Tasmania)

After 3 weeks on Flinders Island, it’s time to point the handlebars south and, reluctantly, head back to the Tassie mainland. My transport across the almost 10 hours of ocean? Either a cow or log boat. Not sure which one it will be yet.

In the meantime, for those of you who ordered a Postcard from Tasmania one’s heading your way bearing an authentic Flinders Island postmark. So if you’re a dog in Oriental, NC, a guy named Theo in Switzerland or hanging out at Harvard, stay tuned for that far-flung postmark. I hear they’re about as scarce as lycra and pure thoughts around the ten-dollar bike.

And finally, TownDock.net, the outfit in Oriental, North Carolina for which I do freelance work is running a story about the Voyage on a Ten Dollar bike. For a bit more on Tasmanian cursing and the backstory on the fossilized clam I uncermoniously dumped into the southern, click here

Talk to you back on the mainland!

Bob Skelding
2011-02-24 22:09:44

Hey Bernie,

I got your post card, thanks alot. I knew that by hook or crook you would get a wagon parked in front of the pub.

Sip some suds and have a good time,


2011-03-01 21:49:21

Well, Bernie, did you miss the logboat or what?
Missing your posts.
Good to see Bob is still kicking. Haven’t seen anything on his site in a while also. Guess there’s not much going on in the winter where he’s at.
Stay safe.

2011-03-02 08:56:18

Hi there Bob and Doris. Glad you got the card Bob. I may not have found a mule in Tasmania, but that card proves I can still put a mule in front of a pub in Tasmania (thanks to a bit of Sharpie marker doodling…). This wishful thinking didn’t quite work out for the log boat Doris. I actually had to find one – and show up for the ride back to the mainland. Not such a hardship considering I got to jump from steerage to captain’s mess. Now it’s onward on the mainland… Cheers. Bernie Sheffield, Tasmania

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