Heading for Tasmania

It’s time to head for Tassie.

Come the end of October, armed with little more than an audio recorder and camera (oh, and one spare blue shirt), I head off to learn more about Tasmanian devils, tigers, wallabies and wombats – and the folks that call Tassie home.

Tasmania: it’s the land under the Land Down Under. In the image above, mainland Australia is visible at the 11 o’clock position. Tasmania is the island directly below it.

As always, you’re invited to join the adventures on RiverEarth.com. Instead of making detailed preparations the plan is to simply go to Tasmania and hit the road with whatever means present themselves. It could be hiking boots, bike, boat or horse- or any combination thereof. But it won’t be planned, predictable or organized. Think an adventure held together with bailing twine, pipe smoke and Tasmanians met along the way.

Hold fast!



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