Help! – Southern Pines, NC

I’m just wrapping up my book about Woody and Maggie’s ride across American and I’ve run up against a very embarrassing problem.

I can’t think of a dern title.

This is where I need your help!

Got any good notions for a snappy title?

The book covers my journey across America by mule and pony. It’s about all the good people we met along the way like the meth queen that put us up and in the morning I discovered the bullet holes above my mattress. The personal theme is how I went from being self sufficient to a fault (thanks to years alone on my sailboat) to realizing it’s ok to ask others for help.

Ok, here are the title guidelines.

1)It’s got to be short. I’m looking for something like “Buck a Pound” or “Zero” that can easily fit on the cover. That could be followed by a few descriptive words like “A Mule Journey Across America”.

2)It’s got to be catchy and funny. This is, after all, a book about meat thieves, a cheap mule and a broke sailor. I want a title that makes people laugh and think “Wonder what that’s about?”

So that’s what I’m looking for.

“Ok” I can hear you thinking, “so what’s in it for me?”

Well, for sure a couple of copies of my book; autographed by me and of course Woody and Maggie (they don’t know this yet). Oh, you also get a ride in my wagon if you’re close enough to drop by for a spin.

Alright even if you don’t win you can have a ride in the “Captain Bernie’s Hybrid Expedition” flagship. Just give me a few more weeks to finish building it.

So, that’s the challenge. Get to work. Spread the word. Come up with a whopper and drop by for a yarn when you can. I’m in Southern Pines, NC now and can be reached at 910 695 0989.

Hey, after all, even Woody has gotten into the act.

Sort of.

“hmmm. looks like bernie got tired of thinking of a title and took off.”

“hey, i have a great idea for a title. oh, it’s a carrot.” crunch

Too bad he deprived literature of a stunning title by eating his writing utensil…

See why I need your help?



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