• 19 Million Mule Steps Wins WINNIE Award
    Two pieces of exciting news. 1) My new photo book 19 Million Mule Steps was awarded a WINNIE award at the most recent EQUUS Film & Art Fest. 2) You can download a free copy. 19 Million Mule Step contains 103 pages of photos, sketches and musings that didn’t fit into my upcoming memoir Two … Read more
  • Mind the Depth: Bogging a Horse in New Zealand
    Many years ago (2001) I was helping Allan Crawford muster cattle on the North Island of New Zealand. The cattle were scattered through a low range of mountains covered in tea tree scrub and crisscrossed by murky creeks. Allan and I split up to circle a mob of cattle scattered across a mountainside a half … Read more
  • Listen to “A Long Walk Home” on Atlas Obscura
    I recently sat down (via Zoom) with Johanna Mayer of the Atlas Obscura Podcast (#1 Apple travel podcast / 17 million listeners) to talk about riding my mules Brick and Cracker from North Carolina to Idaho. We talked about saddle travel and the loneliness of solo travel. I also described what it’s like to ride … Read more
  • What it’s Like to Ride a Mule Through Casper, Wyoming
    I’d been riding my mule Cracker and leading my pack mule Brick across Wyoming for days, heading from North Carolina to Idaho, where my wife Julia’s brother Nick and his wife Carolyn live. Some days, I stuck to the gravel roads and went for hours without seeing any cars. Others, I led the mules through … Read more
  • Filipe Masetti Leiti Rode a Horse 16,000 Miles. This is What he Learned.
    “I’d never ridden more than 3 kilometers.” That’s what author, filmmaker, and Long Rider Filipe Masetti told me after riding 16,000 miles across North and South America. That quote will give you hope you can do whatever you’re dreaming of doing. Interview With Filipe Masette Leite A while back, I had the pleasure of interviewing … Read more
  • Traveling Through America With Mules Brick and Cracker on “Horses in the Morning”
    Good Saturday morning. I hope you had a great week. I ended my week with an interview on the Horses in the Morning podcast, America’s largest equine podcast and one of the longest daily podcasts in the world. Host Glenn the Geek and I discussed the adventures my mules and I encountered riding from North … Read more
  • The Hoof Boot Review: 3 Hoof Boots, 32 Days on the Trail
    What’s the best kind of hoof boot for your horse or mule? My wife Julia and I rode from North Carolina to Virginia and back with three brands of hoof boots. This hoof boot review is what we learned after 32 days on the road. The 3 boots reviewed are Cavallo hoof boots, EasyBoot hoof … Read more
  • Long Distance Barefoot Travel on The Humble Hoof Podcast
    How far can a horse or mule walk in hoof boots? This week, I was a guest on Alicia Harlov’s podcast The Humble Hoof. The episode is called “Riding Mules Cross Country”. We discussed what it’s like to travel long distances (thousands of miles) with hoof boots on a horse or mule. Just click on … Read more
  • How Adeline Hallot Went From Cart Traveler to Horse Traveler: Part 2/2
    What’s it like to spend 3 years traveling from France to Spain with two dogs, two horses, a mule, a cat and a chicken? Adeline Hallot did exactly that. My wife Julia and I recently spent two days visiting with Adeline. This is Part 2 of the two-part series I’m writing about her. In Part … Read more
  • Download a FREE Copy of my New Photo Book “19 Million Mule Steps”
    I’m excited to announce that I’ve published a new photo book called 19 Million Mule Steps. Read on to see how you can score a free copy. About 19 Million Mule Steps 19 Million Mule Steps is a 104-page photo book of pictures, sketches, letters, musings and short essays that didn’t fit into my upcoming … Read more
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