How the Monk King Bird Got its Name

Recently, the mules and I spent the night at the Monk King Bird Pottery in Jeffrey, Wyoming. I asked owner Byron Seeley how the pottery got its name.

Byron Seeley: pottery owner

Here is how Byron says the pottery got its name.

“I was living out in Texas and they were filming this movie around me. Clint Eastwood was in it. They built this whole village around me.

“One day, a guy in security asks me, ‘what’s this place called?’

“I’d seen all these mockingbirds around. I like them so I told him that would be a good name.

So he stays up late one night and carves me this sign. He gives it to me. It says, “Monk King Bird”. And I don’t want to tell him he’s misspelled the name. I figured he knew how to spell “mockingbird”.

“Then I got to thinking about it. I started wondering if he was messing with me. Because there would be other, easier, ways to misspell “mockingbird”. But an “N” instead of a “C”? That seemed weird. I figured everyone knew how to spell “mockingbird”. It’s Almost like he did it on purpose. “

“Hi name was John,” Byron said. “I never saw him again.”

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