I am Heart Broken

Today protestors stormed the Capitol Building. I see images of bearded men waving flags and clubs and security forces with guns drawn. I am heartbroken.

I have walked to the four borders of my beloved United States with my mules, from Atlantic to Pacific Oceans and from Canada to Mexico. I was helped out by hundreds of people whose political views I agreed with and just as many that I did not.

Cowboys praying (Hyannis, Nebraska / Julia Carpenter photo)

The United States I know and love is better than this. This is wrong.


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3 years ago

America is a mighty fine Nation full of good people and great land. We are so privileged to be citizens of this country we should not let hatred and discourse pull us apart. Most Americans love their country and as you found Bernie, most Americans are generous and kind to strangers.They provided you with a string of kindness stretching in an unbroken line from your home in western North Carolina all the way to Idaho.

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