I’m Writing You

Dear Marla, Jack, Dan (x2), Carter, Iris and everyone else who sent me a letter while I was out on my latest mule ramble,

This is what my desk looks like.

My writing desk/dining room table. Whew, what a mess: this pile includes a LesSchwab tire receipt, a tape gun, my journal and a copy of Stephen Ambrose’s “Undaunted Courage”

Still, I wanted to let you know I got your lovely letter. As you know, my wife Julia and I love getting hand written mail. Thing is, I’m just getting settled back in to homestead life back here in Western North Carolina and it’s taken me a while longer than I’d planned to write you back.

Fear not. I won’t finish “Undaunted Courage” before you hear back from me.

Thanks again for your terrific letter. It means so much to me.

’til my letter lands in your letter box!


PS: Dan 1, and Dan 2. I wrote you tonight!


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Helen stoner
4 years ago

Well I finally got to see Lost Sea Expedition. Going to read your books. I travel by car, exploring. Would like to own a small 1 bedroom in west NC, west SC, or northern GA near Smokey Mtns. I live in dry Colorado. Used to live in Valpo, IN on farm. I travel and explore U.S.But I don’t get the experience you do. I was a word processor for years, then drove semi for years at Fed Ex.I’m an older lady. But plan to go thru TX to FL where one daughter lives, when this virus stops infecting people.And see the triangle area to look for second house.I like the mountains, trees, area I mentioned. I’m guessing you are a Sagittarius,due to your skills, and sense of adventure. I’ve been at home for two months, so keeping busy yard work, pulling bindweed, fixing neighbors areas of yards that they don’t, branches cut, flower transplant, weeding. But I know this might be sometime before I can travel, miss the freedom to do so, especially at my age.

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