Introducing my new Photo Book “19 Million Mule Steps” (And How to Get a FREE Copy)

I’m excited to announce that I’ve published a new photo book called 19 Million Mule Steps. Read on to see how you can score a free copy.

19 Million Mule Steps is about my Long Ride through America with my mules Brick and Cracker

About 19 Million Mule Steps

19 Million Mule Steps is 134 pages of photos, sketches, letters, musings and short essays that didn’t fit into my upcoming memoir Two Mules To Triumph, about riding my mules 2,300 miles through America.

Here are some of the illustrations from 19 Million Mule Steps I thought you’d enjoy.

Into the American West: windmill water just when the mules and I needed it most (outside Lost Springs, Wyoming)
A good long drink
To read more from 19 Million Mules Steps, click on the “PREVIEW” button above. You can buy 19 Million Mule Steps on Amazon, or keep reading to find out how you can get a FREE copy.

How to Get a Free Copy of 19 Million Mule Steps


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