Introducing Photo of the Day

I’m excited to add a new feature to It’s called Photo of the Day and features a semi-random photo of my mules, friends, travels, and the life my wife Julia and I live in the mountains of western North Carolina – posted every few days to the home page.

The first Photo of the Day. This is my buddy Ronald Hudson. I bought my mule Polly from him almost twenty years ago. I’ve since learned that when he says, “What you need to do,” and tells you a story, you need to listen.

I say a semi-random photo because one day, it could be a photo of the red couch on the porch of our hay barn, and the next, it could be a photo of my buddy Ronald Hudson.

The photos don’t stick to a central theme, but they relate because they’re part of the life Julia and I live here in the mountains of western North Carolina, with photos of my travels thrown in to extend the view.  

Photo of the Day on the Home page and the Page Dedicated to all the Photos of the Day

Here’s how it works. A Photo of the Day is posted to the home page. Then, a day or two later, that photo is replaced by a new Photo of the Day. The old Photo of the Day is sent to the Photo of the Day page (click here to view). The Photo of the Day Page is where all the Photos of the Day appear.

What I love about the Photo of the Day concept is that it’s a mosaic – many smaller points that make up a larger, more complex picture. Each Photo of the Day that appears on the home page is an individual point, and the photos taken as a whole on the Photo of the Day page make up the mosaic – the bigger picture.

The Bigger Picture

So, what’s the bigger picture that will emerge from all these individual Photos of the Day? I have no idea. This is just an experiment. At some point, when enough photos are posted to create a pattern, it’ll become clear. Maybe the bigger picture will be about mule travel, something I’m passionate about. Or perhaps it’ll be about life with Julia around the homestead. Or maybe bees, my latest passion, or boats, something I still dream about. Maybe it’ll just be a big mix of all of the above. Here’s what a sampling of the Photos of the Day look like all put together.

These are some of the potential Photos of the Day as seen in my WordPress photo library (where photos are stored before they post to I don’t see a theme, yet. Do you?

What Photos of the Day Do You Want to See?

I’m wide open to suggestions of what could be a Photo of the Day. Most of the ideas for images come into my head as I look over my photo library. Sometimes Julia has suggestions. One day, she said, “You should post that photo of the red couch on the barn,” and that’s why it’s there.

red couch on barn
The Red Couch

If there are any particular Photos of the Day you’d like to see, leave a note in the Comment section for this post.


Special thanks to Rutvik Monpara for developing the multiple plugins it took to make Photo of the Day work. I sure appreciate all the work you put into this, Rutvik. I’ve wanted to do this for a while, and you made it happen.

Now Have a Look

Click here to go to the Photo of the Day page.


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5 months ago

Mules! More mule pics!

And Collie pics, can’t ever get enough of those 😉

5 months ago
Reply to  Christian

Yes! Luckily we’ve got plenty of those set in all backgrounds, settings and states of chaos. I look forward to getting these up!

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