Journey's End – and an Offer

Hitching-up-time (but not much longer)
Outside Artesia, New Mexico

Holy wagon tongue Pilgrims, it’s happening! Yep, together, we’ve traveled 2500 miles, 13 months, through 10 states and 4 seasons. We’ve cooked Kansas rattlesnakes , slogged through snow and gone down a mosasaur’s throat. And now our Canada to Mexico wagon voyage is coming to an end.

Mexico is coming into view. From here in Artesia, New Mexico it’s under 200 miles, or 4 weeks by wagon, away.

200 miles from Mexico
Outside Artesia, New Mexico

Like any mule traveler worth his weight in bar ditch alfalfa, I carry trade goods aboard the Lost Sea mule wagon. You know, to help pay for expenses. No, I’m not talking moonshine, pipe tobacco or hatchets. Rather, I carry copies of “Too Proud”, “Woody and Maggie” and “65 Days”, the books and DVD of past journeys across America by mule and around the world by sailboat. Cases of them.

A “Woody and Maggie” book straight off the wagon
Sucker Rod with family and family dog Biscuit
Maljamar, New Mexico

Thing is, in the last 200 miles, mule Polly has to haul the Lost Sea wagon across the Guadaloupe Mountains, a 3,000-foot climb over wind-bent yucca and a road dynamited into Russell Gap. From there, we drop down into Dell City, Texas and cross the desert to Fort Hancock, on the Mexican border. These will be hard miles so I’m lightening the wagon as much as possible.

That means in the name of adventure and weight reduction, I’ll send you a piece of the Lost Sea wagon. No, I don’t mean a lug nut, brake or one of those groovy Lost Sea life ring signs painted on my wagon’s yellow flanks. I’m talking a signed book or DVD straight off my prairie schooner. Yes each will contain a special message written inside attesting to its voyaging origins.

So if you enjoyed taking part in the Expedition and want a part of the Lost Sea wagon before journey’s end, drop by the General Store and order what you like. Polly and I will mail it to you from the next post office. Because once the Lost Sea Expedition is over, there’ll be no more buying barter goods off the wagon (though you’ll still be able to purchase books, DVDs and speaking programs from the General Store).

Post Office bound – sort of….

In the meantime, if you find yourself in the Guadaloupe mountain range or the desert south of that, drop by for a gam. Cheers from the trail!


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