June 4 2011 "Tasmania" Program

Okay, so the voyage around Tasmania on a $10 bike is over. That doesn’t mean the adventure ends. In fact, it’s the perfect chance for you to come visit a spell and start an adventure of your own.

On June 4, the Caldwell County Public Library hosts the first “Tasmania: a Man, a Devil and a $10 Bike” program. It’s about people and things Tasmanian – from guitar repair master Ian Sommers and the Alpaca Man to draggy compasses and that “upside-down” moon thing.

John Rose: here John is splitting wood aboard his crayfishing boat Chaparral. To listen to John’s take on bringing the sea to the garden, click here.. (Dover, Tasmania)

Ian Summers: Ian is an expert musician and knows a thing or two about leeches. His popular interviews can be heard by clicking on the following links. Have a listen to Ian tell stories about leeches, twelve string guitars and banjo music from Tasmania.

The Alpaca Man: Ludo proves you can fund your travels damn near any way – even with an alpaca. Come to the program to hear more about this and other ways I’ve hear of folks funding their rambles. Here’s the link to an earlier story about Ludo and his alpacas. (Sheffield, Tasmania)

The heart of the program, though, will be about coping. About taking on life with what’s on hand. In my case, that was showing up in Tassie with high hopes for a mule adventure – only to learn that mules didn’t exist in that neck of the world. It’s about the rebound from mule to bike and how that opened doors no equine ever could have.

Kenny’s mules: This is my friend Kenny Tyndall driving his mule team. I would have been happy with any one of these mules. Instead, I ended up on a bike…. (Hoffman, North Carolina)

So how does this apply to you? Well, in addition to learning about Tasmania, you’ll have a chance to ask me about any travel questions you’re sitting on. Yes, the economy is tight. And right now you’re probably thinking the travel dream you’re harboring (you do have a travel dream, right?) isn’t going to pan out.

Don’t write it off yet.

Rather, come out June 4 and learn about Tasmania. About how a trip can be salvaged. And about how, ultimately, you still have a shot at escaping on a journey of your own. It may look nothing like what you’d initially imagined. The important thing is you get out there.

“Tasmania” is presented by the Friends of the Caldwell County Public Library. The program will start at 10:30 in conference Room 6 and there is no charge. Yes, the $10 bike will be on display. And yes, chances are good I’ll let you take it for a spin around the parking lot!

Come ride this bike (Dover, Tasmania)

See you June 4.

Saturday June 4
Caldwell County Public Library
10:30 am Room 6
120 Hospital Avenue Lenoir, NC 28645
Caldwell County Library

Map Note: the map below shows the location of the Caldwell County Public Library.

2011-11-15 16:43:16

Bernie. Are you headed back to Tasmania so soon or am I just a little confused? I met you at Rowan Library October 4, enjoyed your talk, read the copy of “MULE” you gave me for Stanly Library, after reading that very well-traveled copy many times, visited with Jay and Beverly Patel in Richfield, N. C. at the Garden Inn Motel there. They remembered you staying with them for a night or two back during Woody’s day. They said for you to come again. They look for a visit, (even without a mule or pony. They remembered putting you up in room 11, so you could look after the animals. I would have joined you in the Uwharries, but I had a trip of my own and could not work it into my schedule. Weavers travel a lot also if they get a chance. I look forward to seeing you in your home town of Statesville, or on the Lenoir farm sometime. Get in touch with me and I will try to come see you sometime, even in Southern Pines for a day. Stanly Library is looking forward to getting this new copy of “MULE” after Jay and Beverly read it. They loved me telling about meeting you and then got to tell me you stayed with them!!! Correspond when you can. Bye for now… Kenneth.


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