Let's Get This Thing on the Road! – Southern Pines, NC

There comes a time in any journey’s preparation when you look at the parts and say “Ok, no more building… Let’s get this thing on the road!”

So last week I decided to tow the wagon body out of Mel’s garage and mount it on the chassis I’d been using under my hay wagon.

Hay wagon chassis

I pulled the flat bed body off the chassis but then I got to looking at that red running gear. “You know” I thought “wouldn’t it just look better if I painted it John Deere green?”

So I did…

You know you have to take the wheels off these things to paint them, right?

Then of course, I just HAD to paint the wheels. ‘wouldn’t do to have white wheels on a yellow and green wagon would it? So they got a coat of danger yellow.

Now can we put this thing together?

I won’t bore you with how I had to replace the brakes….



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