Listen to Mule Cracker Eat His Breakfast

Brick, Cracker and I have been on the trail for nine days following the Virginia Highland horse Trail from Elk Garden to Ivanhoe, Virginia. Grain is too heavy to carry so I picket them out along the way to fill their bellies on the grass that we come across. Most of the ride is through deep forest but luckily, we have come across grassy openings along the way.

This morning, Brick, Cracker and I are camped at the Hussey Horse Camp, also known as the CC Camp off the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail. The mules are picketed out and they’re eating breakfast in a thick stand of clover and fescue. It’s a beautiful sound listening to Cracker bite off a clump of grass, push it back in his mouth, chew, swallow and repeat. It’s not a sound people hear much these days, so I made a recording for you. I thought you’d enjoy it.

Cracker munching

Just click on the audio player below for the crunching sounds of a satisfied Cracker chewing his breakfast. 

Cracker’s breakfast


P.S. I’m thrilled to report that Brick and Cracker are holding their weight perfectly even with all the hard work they are doing. Never underestimate the power of good grass and the occasional energy bar to keep mules going.

P.S. as a cool aside, I used solar power to record right and post this little update. This is my first trip ever posting on the phone instead of a laptop. I carry a small 10 watt solar panel to charge my phone and I’m slowly figuring out how to write posts this way. Forgive any spelling bloopers as I’m much better at mule travel than phone typing.


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