Listen to Why They Call it the Pieman River

Early morning crossing: the “Fatman” barge crosses the Pieman River.

At the controls is Blackie Stewart (Corinna, Tasmania)

It struck me as curious. How does a Tasmanian river come to be called the Pieman River? Recently, while spending some time with the crew of the “Fatman” ferry, Tasmania’s smallest, remotest punt, I found out why.

In the interview you’re about to hear, I’m hanging out with ferry operator Blackie Stewart in the Fatman’s wheelhouse. After he’s explained the punt’s workings, he moves onto the river’s name.

Ferry driver Blackie Stewart

Ready for the sorta’ creepy story? Then click the audio player below.

The remains of the trade: Corinna, where the Fatman crosses the Pieman, once depended heavily on the river for trade. Lumber and ore were loaded onto vessels for export. The only trace of the trade these days are skeletal pilings.

Gary and Beryl
2011-04-03 06:25:23

Bernie-Got your lovely post-card of the punt- fabulous eh? we check in every now and again-I have a soft spot for Tassie as you know.

2011-04-07 22:55:26

ha i see ya still aint talking funny or is maybe we talk funny here.


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