Log of Days, Names and Miles

Most evenings after the mules are staked out for the night and my tent is pitched, I dig out my journal and write down how far we’ve come.

How far we’ve come: Days 98 – 100

I don’t write in a leather bound journal you might imagine Wild Bill communing with after a busy day shooting buffalo. No, my journal’s just a plastic binder filled with 50 sheets of loose leaf paper.

I think I brought 40 sheets too many. Since I rode out the front gate 146 days ago, I’ve done most of my journal keeping online.

Mostly, I use my journal for keeping track of the days. Of where I spent the night, of who put us up, of how many miles I’ve traveled.

Here’s how our first 166 days on the road looked.

Inside my journal: I store postcards and stamps inside the front cover. The green background is the Split Rock Cafe and Bar’s pool table. Hey, it was raining outside!
The first 7 days: we started slowly. Until the mules and I got in shape, we only traveled 10 – 15 miles per day. Heading toward western Wyoming, we now regularly travel over 20 miles per day.

As of today, September 27, the mules and I had made Alpine, Wyoming, on the western edge of Wyoming smack up against the Idaho border. Mules Brick and Cracker and I have traveled almost 2000 miles since we left our western North Carolina home back in April.

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