Ludo and Chico

Ludo and Chico (Hobart, Tasmania)

Walking the streets of Hobart, I ran into a wooly looking creature on a leash manned by a Hemingway-esque looking fellow. Thinking he might steer me in the direction of a suitable mount, I approached the duo. Turned out he didn’t know where I could find the equine I’m questing. But he did shed some light on the critter he was walking – and the island I was visiting. To listen to Ludo Mineur and Chico’s story, click on the player below….

2010-11-09 09:24:38

Hi Bernie,

What a great idea to have audio clips! I just love that Australian accent. Terrific. And what a better way to spend the day, “loitering” in a great town, talking with people, taking photos and making a little cash!

Keep ‘em coming!

Bob (the Wagonteamster)
2010-11-09 09:37:59

Hey Bernie,
A team of llamas would be perfect to shepard you and your swag around Tasmania. After criss-crossing America with a couple of mules, training a pair of overgrown Alpacas to pull a cart full of Scotch ought to be a piece of cake. After all, being south of the equator, you should go the extra distance and use a couple of “south of the equator” animals. It would probably be easier than going 4-up with Roos doing the hard work!

Llama Power – Now that’s Adventure!


Leo Lawton
2010-11-09 16:39:22

If you had a couple of Alpacas maybe in quiet times during your travels (or is that travails) you could shear a little here and there and knit a sweater or something? Really nice for those cool evenings.

2010-11-10 17:25:22

Dear Heidi, Bob and Leo,

Hey, great hearing from you! This whole horse seeking thing reminds me of how I once looked for a pony, ended up with a mule and wound up across the continent from where I had that first “good idea”. Now an alpaca….?! Bob, maybe I could trade a biscuit for one? Cheers for now. The hunt goes on (for a pub today, some postcards…it’s raining…).


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