Message on a Tasmanian Beer Can Postcard

First, a damn big thank you to everyone who’s subscribed to the Postcard from Tasmania service – that’s where I send folks a real postcard, complete with genuine postmark, from Tassie. I mean really, didn’t you feel better when that Tasmanian devil card showed up in your letter box? The postman sure was amused and hell, it paid for my pint down at the southernmost pub in Australia. Made everyone’s day and I hear one even ended up on a Christmas tree.

The Tasmanian devil postcard

Wait, that’s another card….

Seems a few weeks ago, while crayfishing in the Southern Ocean, I found myself on the empty end of a can of Cascade beer. Feeling a tad lonely. With no postcards. And a postcard due. And a stamp. And a pair of scissors…..

You can see where this is going.

Yep, sliced the top and bottom out of that can and turned it into a beautiful red and green aluminium postcard.

The world’s first Tasmanian tin can postcard? Probably….

Each features a coat of arms emblazoned with 4 now-extinct Tasmanian tigers. Straight from Australia’s oldest brewery. Says so right there on the metal. You just can’t get more Tasmanian than that.

As close as you can get to a Tasmanian tiger these days. They’re extinct. The last one died in the 1930s. But you can still get one in the mail…

So I send this card off, go back to sea for another stint of fishing, and when I return, get a message from my friends that they enjoyed their tin card so much they’re thinking of putting it on their Christmas tree. Yowza, that’s pretty good!

Hell, I got so excited when I got this news that I drank another beer. Or should I say “made another postcard”.

In case you want one…..

That’s right, if you’re a Postcard From Tasmania subscriber and want the “Message on a Beer Can” postcard (as opposed to the message in a bottle), drop me a line. Then again, I’m having so much fun making these cards, I reckon I’ll just send all of you the tin can/Christmas ornament postcard. It would, come to think of it, make a fine coaster for your hot or cold drink of choice.


Not getting any letter box joy? Not a Postcard From Tasmania subscriber? Friend, we can fix that right now.


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