Mule Bridge Police Escort Video

Last week the mules and I crossed the Ohio river from Kentucky to Indiana … under police escort. It was a challenging steering job steering Cracker past oncoming traffic and over the bridge’s expansion joints. I really wanted you to experience what it’s like to ride across a river so I filmed it. Enjoy!


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[…] Instead, I think of all the people it’s carried me to, from the Chicken Slat Man to the Turtle Lady. I think of how Wyoming sage brush country smells after the rain and the rush of getting a police escort across the Ohio River. […]


[…] You can read plenty more about the journey here in the site. Just browse the 2019 archives for stories like the video of the mules and I crossing Ohio River with a police escort. […]


[…] crossing the Platte today involved no drama. No police escort. No hopping off halfway across to lead a balky mule. I was riding Brick. It was her first bridge […]


[…] the Ohio, the Wabash, the Illinois and the Mississippi. For the first two, we enlisted the help of local law enforcement to get across. For the Mississippi, the mules got a ride in Todd and Julie Curry’s horse […]


[…] weeks ago I rode in to Brandenburg, Kentucky where I was going to cross the Ohio River with a police escort. I was riding Cracker, my saddle mule. Brick, my pack mule, carrying our […]

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