Mule Ramble Week 9 in Photos

Call this the Big City week. The mules spent the past 4 days resting up on the outskirts of Quincy, Illinois. Thanks Todd and Julie Curry for giving the mules and me a place to catch our breathes! I thought you’d enjoy a few photos of my time in Gem City.

Quincy, Illinois. Population +-40,000. Plus this week, 2 transient mules and a dude from North Carolina. In the background, the Bayview Bridge. It is one of 2 bridges that cross the Mississippi river from Quincy in to Missouri.
Quincy prospered as a river town. The downtown features some of the most striking architecture I’ve encountered on my mule ramble.
Fluted, cast iron column.
Okay, some 1970s(?) era architecture has crept in to downtown. in some strange way, it works for me. Sorta groovy.

A bridge brought me to Quincy. Specifically the Bayview bridge that crosses the Mississippi River, connecting Illinois with Missouri. It’s my ticket across Ol’ Man River.

No, I don’t plan to ride Cracker and Brick across the bridge. It’s too early to tell you exactly how I’ll cross the Mississippi but I’ll tell you I have a solid lead on a trailer ride lined up. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Quincy’s bridges: the one on the left is the Memorial Bridge. It opened in 1930. The Bayview Bridge, on the right, was built in the late 1980s.

Down by the River

As I’ve written before, the mid-West has suffered extensive flooding this summer. You seemingly can’t go anywhere, talk to any farmer, drink a beer in any bar, without overhearing how the rising waters have affected folks. In Quincy, this year’s flooding (2019) rivaled the Flood of 1993.

While in town, I walked down to the Old Man river’s edge for a look. Here’s what I found.

Though the water has gone down in recent days, it’s still way above normal levels. Here, some info plaques whose info suddenly seems less fascinating.
Sand bags.
The tug Ronald E Wagenblast pushing up river. Most barge traffic has largely ceased due to flooding. The red object behind the tug is a barge moored to the shore.
You might want to wear your waders if you have a reservation.
Mooring cleat. The Bayview bridge dominates the scenery, inadvertently making its way in to many of my photos.
A boat dock tipped up by the flooding. You might want to swing by another day with your Bayliner.
Another flooded building.

The water front was eerily quiet with almost no one around except a lone fisherman and some geese.

A lone fisherman. Behind him, the Bayview bridge. He was fishing for catfish.
Lawbreaker: just because the road is closed doesn’t mean there’s no traffic. Here, a Canada goose seemingly flaunts the law.
Flood or no flood, life goes on. Dogs always need to take their owners out for a spin.

Okay, I should post at least one mule photo. Here it is. Mules Brick and Cracker tipped nose down in their pasture. This is as close as I could get before they split out on me. They were clearly ready for a break.

The mules and I plan to start heading across Missouri this week. I’ll let you know how we end up crossing the Mississippi.

Notice how I’ve removed Brick and Cracker’s halter. I do this to reduce the chance of them getting caught on something like a fence or branch. I might have a bit of a struggle getting the to stick their noses back in to their halters when it’s time to leave.

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