Mule Rider

It was about this time of year, a few years ago, that a TV crew for UNC-TV followed mule Polly and me on a wagon ramble through eastern North Carolina.

Mule Rider: just click on the arrow between mule Polly and me to watch the video

Director Morgan Potts and his film crew followed me from Oriental, North Carolina to Hobucken and Aurora and back to Oriental. They dropped in from time to film me as I visited with folks along the way.

Morgan turned all the footage into “Mule rider”. “Mule Rider” premiered on UNC-TV’s “Our State” program. It went on to win a regional Emmy Award for Morgan and became a fundraiser favorite. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to spend a week in a mule wagon, this video is for. It’s less than fifteen minutes long but gives you a great view of eastern North Carolina and the great folks that live there, from net maker Virgil Potter to folk guitarist John Carawan. Enjoy

You can stream the original version of “Mule Rider” on UNC-TV’s YouTube channel right here.

In the Mood For Something Longer?

Mule Polly takes a filming break. She pulled all the gear used to film the “Lost Sea Expedition” in her wagon. I charged our movie cameras, audio recorder, laptop and monitor with the solar panel on the roof of the wagon. (Hudspeth County, Texas)

If you enjoyed that visit with Polly, how about something longer? In case you haven’t watched it already, you might enjoy the “Lost Sea Expedition”. This is the TV series I filmed about my wagon voyage with mule Polly from Canada to Mexico. The award-winning series premiered on Rocky Mountain PBS and you can stream it on Amazon Prime.

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2 years ago

How could I have forgotten how beautiful this film is!!! I think it slows the heart and mind down.

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