Mule Runaway

The damn mules. I call them damn mules because recently they pulled a runner on me.

Bernie Harberts, mule

Mules Brick and Cracker: I usually find them where I last picketed them out. Usually…..

Last week I was the guest of Dan and Linda Coffey of Tazewell, TN. I picketed Brick and Cracker out in the Coffey’s pasture. During my stay, they escaped. Thanks to Dan help we tracked them down before they ran home to North Carolina.

Bernie Harberts, Dan Coffey, Geneva Lynch, mule

Geneva Lynch, Dan Coffey and the runaways. Geneva is 98 and an avid wood worker. We caught the mules in her backyard. Dan is a rancher and contractor….and a fine mule wrangler! (Tazwell, TN)

Okay, it’s hard to stay sore at a mule too long, especially such hard working mates as Brick and Cracker. They’re back to being great mules.

Thanks Linda and Dan for putting me up, helping me catch my mules and getting me through Cumberland Gap!


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[…] I’m a very lucky man. I hugged Cracker and Brick hard before I slid in to my bedroll. They’re great mules and have taken wonderful care of me. Give or take their occasional escape…. […]

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