Mule Wrestling

The view from my writing desk. It’s clear that Brick and Cracker need to get back to work.

Mules Brick and Cracker are doing their best to distract me from book writing. This afternoon I was writing the second draft of traveling across Wyoming with my mules on the way to Idaho. A thudding brought me to the window. Brick and Cracker were wrestling just off the front porch.

Tonight I’m putting together photos of a completely different nature – fitting hoof boots to Pie. You can read Part 1 of that series, Off With Her Shoes, right here.

Post Script

The 3-part series is now up. You can read the posts right here:

For a bonkers-thorough review of 3 brands of hoof boots my wife Julia and I took on a 6 week mule ramble, check out the Hoof Boot Report.


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