Mystery Equipment ID Thanks

I recently asked you guys to help me ID a mysterious piece of equipment. You sure came through. The contraption was parked in a Nebraska field south of Berea. It looked like a cross between a gravel sorter and shrimp boat.

Mystery equipment outside Berea, Nebraska.

Thanks to all the comments from folks who ID-ed it for me. I got especially excited when Andrea wrote in saying it was a “sugar beer piler”.

Sugar beer?

Cool! Nebraska was turning out to be full of surprises. I’ve never had sugar beer but figured it was a local brew and next time I’d ride up a for a pint.

I was less excited when Andrea wrote back saying she meant “sugar beet”.

Thanks for clearing that up Andrea. That’ll spare me from looking like a fool riding up to some farming equipment with my billfold pulled out ready to order a beer….

Other People’s Take on the Equipment

Doug and Glenda wrote, “About the picture you posted cross between a gravel screen and a shrimp boat. That is a belt that unloads sugar beets into piles ,then trucks come get loaded and they drive to Scott’s Bluff Ne. To the sugar factory. Sept through Oct., Nov. Depending on weather.

Alice wrote, “The picture above is a beet dump. When the beets are harvested this fall they are dumped here and eventually loaded in trucks with the equipment and hauled to the sugar beet factory in Scottsbluff. It was so fun to meet you Wednesday morning as you were headed to Alliance and saw you again today south of Crawford. I’m enjoying your posts very much.

Alice wrote, “Hi! The machine in the last photo is a sugar beer piler.” You know what she meant….

You can read the original “The Land Around Here – Alliance to Hemingford, Nebraska” article right here.


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