Newfoundland Bound

Small wonder Polly takes a nap when I pull her off the trailer at the end of the day. In the past week and a half, we’ve traveled close to 2000 miles – from Asheboro, North Carolina to Syndey, Nova Scotia. Here, Polly catches a nap around mile 1562. That would be Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Meanwhile, Yari Msika and a jumping pal go airborne. His parents Theirry and Maran Msika put us up a few days in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

Greetings from Sydney, Nova Scotia. This post will be brief as Polly and I have a ferry to catch – to Newfoundland.

Yep, Newfoundland. As in the Rock. As in the place where getting “screeched in” has nothing to do with locking up your wagon brakes and everything to do with head-achy spirits consumed in oceanic quantities. Or so I’m told.

In the meantime, for everyone suffering through the late spring heat, a few cooling photos from Nova Scotia. Since entering Canada, I have built a fire in my wood stove every night. Polly’s doing her best to stay warm. Looking closely, I have noticed she’s showing sounds of sprouting a longer coat. Man, I have Do it Yourself Coat Envy! Maybe I’ll grow a beard. Just like Polly.

Polly decimates a stand on of clover in front of Thierry and Maran Msika’s “Io”. The family has sailed the engineless gaff cutter across the Atlantic Ocean. Here, she’s stored at the Msika’s home in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

Launching the Teal: Thierry Msika launches his double-ended tender. It’s a “Teal” design. The roller he’s carrying – a short log – is used to roll the vessel to the water’s edge. Lunenburg’s waterfront is visible in the background.

Rough going. Not all of our recent travels have been smooth. Here, the truck and trailer take Polly on a bit of gravel-roading. We camped nearby for the night (Chance Bay, New Brunswick).

Easy going: Heading to the New Found Land: Polly and her rig wait to board the ferry in Sydney, Nova Scotia, on the tip of Cape Breton Island. The trailer wouldn’t fit so she was booked on a later ferry.

“See youse later!” In addition to a longer coat, I detect a Canadian Maritime accent creeping into Polly’s lingo. Here, she’s about to be loaded onto the ferry to Newfoundland. Due to loading difficulties (low clearance on my trailer), she wasn’t put on the ferry in the background. She is booked on another ferry due to leave later in the day.

From here on out, posts will be fewer and farther between. Once in Newfoundland, internet access will be harder to find.

(Map Note: the map shows our general location. Polly and I have come so far north, evenings, we hear loons instead of whip-poor-wills.)

Conway Locke
2012-06-12 20:40:03

Been following you online for few days…What part of Nfld are you travelling through…We live in Deer Lake and would love to meet you both…Let us know your planned route and we may be able to arrange something…Conway Locke

2012-06-12 22:01:44

Howdy Conway. Great hearing from you. Hey, catching up with you in Deer Lake might just work out. Mule Polly and I are currently (Tue 11p) on the Sydney/Port Aux Basque ferry. I’ll be working my way up toward St Anthony Wednesday morning. Drop me an email at my “Contact” tab. Maybe you can give me some iceberg hunting tips. Cheers! Bernie

2012-06-13 05:30:58

Hi Conway. It’s Wednesday 7:30a. I’ve arrived in Port Aux Basques. I’m fueling up and heading toward Deer Lake on my way to St Anthony. I’ll see if I can find you on the way through town. Cheers. Bernie

2012-06-13 11:02:29
Hi Conway. It’s Wednesday noon. Mule Polly and I have knocked off for the day just outside Corner Brook. Whew, just couldn’t drive any more. I’ll be passing through Deer Creek tomorrow (Thur) morning. Heading to St Anthony. Give me a shout if you want to catch up for a quick gam. Cheers! Bernie

Conway Locke
2012-06-13 17:09:59

Hey Bernie just got to check your site..when going through Deer Lake I’d love to meet up with you…actually if we knew where you are staying tonite we would travel there and meet up tonite…Conway

Gail Ledford
2012-12-17 16:09:33

Hi Bernie, We received your post card. So glad the stove is working. Wishing you safe travels and a Merry Christmas!

Elsa Freese
2016-11-26 14:35:57

Hi Thierry, greetings from Germany. I felt sick yesterday and ask my sister to cook chicken in tomato and spaghetti like i now from so long ago from you in Eppendorf. It tastet like then. Thank you for cooking and many lovely greetings of old germany by elsa


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