Newfoundland Library Program

“Hey there short ears. Bring me a carrot!” Polly practices her pitch in advance of her March 2 program.

Hey Bucky, ever wondered what it’s like to travel across Newfoundland by mule. No? Do you even know where Newfoundland is? Well, how about kicking off the year with an adventurous travel program. Learn a thing or two about caplin, screech and jiggers. No idea what I’m talking about? Yeah, you need to come.

Last year mule Polly and I traveled 5 months across Newfoundland. March 2, we’ll share the voyage with folks at the Caldwell County Public Library. During the program, we’ll retrace Polly’s voyage across the land of polar bears, icebergs and fog. The quest? Tracking down the details behind a mysterious album of Newfoundland music. Following the program there’ll be a question and answer session and you’ll get to visit with mule Polly.

Yes, I’ll bring a slab of salt cod for you to handle. If you’re more excited about petting a mule than a piece of dead fish, I understand. That’s why Polly’s coming. This is a family program so bring the carrots and kids. See you there Bucky!

Polly recently traveled 2,400 miles so she could visit these Newfoundlanders. January 26 she’s coming to the Caldwell County Public Library so she can meet you.

When: Saturday, March 2, 2013
Where: Caldwell County Public Library, 120 Hospital Avenue, Lenoir, NC 28645
Phone: 828-757-1270
Time: 1:30p

Snapshots of Newfoundland

Mule Polly’s first day on the road. A welcome to make Eric the Red wish he’d arrived in Newfoundland by mule instead of boat. (L’Anse aux Meadows, NL)

Newfoundland chapel (L’Anse aux Meadows, NL)

A cold night outside Polly’s and my traveling home (L’Anse aux Meadows, NL)

The end of the Appalachian mountains. Yes, the range ends here, under water, on Newfoundland’s northern tip.

2013-01-16 06:17:46

Wow color! I thought everything on the Rock was sepia.

2013-01-17 18:18:08


Actually you’re right. Newfoundland is primarily sepia and fog colored. Some shades of cuttle fish in the morning. Squid come dark. In keeping with this whole nonsense of “color is better”,though, Polly and I went back and painstakingly colorized each photo we took on the trip. You know, be more modern. Sort of like the foolishness of Ted Turner going back and colorizing the Classics. Only more so.

Polly likes the way it makes the carrots look. Newfoundlanders, however, may now hate me….



2013-01-18 15:17:25

I hope you enjoyed NL I was hoping to see you when I was home the summer up the coast but to no avail you were not around I read about your journey on the CBC, I hope you enjoyed your experience. Good jobb you are not there now lots of snow take care

2013-01-30 15:48:58

Great hearing from you. Sounds like I’d stop my whining about the occasional bit of January ice we’re having if I were back with y’all on the Rock. Sounds like you’ve been getting a good dose of the white stuff. Sure do miss those Jiggs dinners and my salt cod’s running low… Cheers! Bernie


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