Two Rings
January 25, 2019

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A bit of grinder work

This Sunday I pried 2 wire clips off one of the t-posts that hold up the barbed wire in the mule pasture. I bent the clips in to ring shapes on the box blade. Cut off the excess wire with an angle grinder . Slipped the larger of the two rings on my finger. Just to test. Then I made a smaller ring.
Julia and I walked up to the orchard and laid down in the grass. We watched the clouds and jets. We saw a rabbit and a heart in the sky. I focused on the heart. I was nervous. “Be like the heart, not the rabbit,” I told myself.
“Will you marry me?” I asked Julia.
She said, “yes”.
I slide the smaller ring on her finger. Then I asked her what to do next.
I’m 51. I’ve never been married.
She told me I didn’t need 2 rings but since I’d made a second one for me that was okay.
She slid it on my finger.
You can read Julia’s take on how it all went down at her blog Saddle Under the Stars.

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Julia and me the day we returned from our month and a half mule ramble. Read Julia’s account at her blog Saddle Under the Stars.
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Living Lean and Feeling Bionic
January 16, 2019

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Mule ramblin’ digs: Julia and the mules prepare to bunk down for the night on last fall’s mule ramble. We spent six weeks traveling from our farm in western NC to Virginia and back. (Iron Mountain Trail, Damascus, VA)

“There’s a certain sharpness that comes from not being comfortable all the time.”
That’s Julia writing about our month and a half long mule ramble we took last fall. We traveled with little more than a tent, 2 jugs of water and juuust enough provisions to keep us going.
Here are Julia’s thoughts on living lean and feeling bionic.

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Are You Dan from Madison?
January 15, 2019

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Dan’s postcard on our fridge. Dan wrote to tell us how much he and his family enjoyed the “Lost Sea Expedition” series. You can stream the series right here on Amazon.

Are you Dan from Madison, Wisconsin? If so, we loved your postcard! It’s always great hearing from folks that enjoy the “Lost Sea Expedition” series about my mule wagon voyage across America. Messages on a post card score bonus points on the Adventure Correspondence scale.

If you’re not Dan, we’d still love to hear from you…. especially by good old fashioned US Mail. If you write us and put your return address on your missive, we’ll try to write you back. You can find our mailing address right here.

Carry on letter writers, carry on…

Bernie Harberts, mule, mule polly, lost sea expedition, adventure, lost sea expedition, amazon prime
What Dan wrote us. I especially like the part about “Keep Wandering”!

PS: I have a long history of mailing stuff with a mule. Here are a few stories you might enjoy:
A letter from the Lost Sea Expedition wagon
Delivering books to the post office with mule Polly

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Mule Polly and I go to the Dentist
January 11, 2019

Mule Polly and I both went to the dentist this week. Separately.
We took different approaches to visiting the tooth doc. I brushed and flossed my teeth bleed ’til they damn near bled. Polly just got on the horse trailer.
We drove her over to Dr Hay at Tryon Equine Associates in Tryon.

I’ve been going to the dentist since the tooth fairy shook down my parents for a dollar. This was Polly’s first visit.
That’s the equivalent of a 50 year old woman plopping down in the dental chair and hoping for the best.
In Polly’s case, that’s just how it panned out.
No cavities. No broken crowns. No holes that had to be plugged with a $5,000 implant. Instead, Dr Hay just found a few sharp edges on her upper teeth. He noted that her lower teeth where getting very short. Short but useable. A bucket of water and 20 minutes of rasping later, the sharp edges were gone, leaving Polly with level, if not new, choppers.
All in all Dr Hay said her teeth weren’t too bad for a mule nearing the quarter century mark. He explained that at her age, she’s firmly in middle age. Like me at 51.
It got me to wondering.
So how do my teeth, at an equivalent age, stack up to my mule’s?

At the half-century mark, I’m up to 9 fillings, 5 crowns and a piece of metal stuck in my jaw bone.
I’m sure there’s a lesson in there somewhere. Something about how a life of eating hay and drinking water and pulling heavy objects up the road leads to better teeth than daily flossing, brushing and Friday night burgers.
Right, the logic’s skewed. But briefly, it had me pondering switching to mule Polly’s dentist.

If you haven’t already, you can stream the “Lost Sea Expedition”, the public TV series about mule Polly’s walk across America, right here on Amazon

(Post scrip: I’m actually very happy with my dentist Dr Grimes. I’d sign Polly up for his annual dental program but I don’t think his dental chairs and tools are large enough).

(Post Post script: another piece on how Polly’s teeth relate to an ancient marine creature is here).

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