Finally a Mailbox
July 27, 2014
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The past fifteen years I’ve gotten mail everywhere but in my own mailbox. Much of it has to do with my traveling ways. It’s hard to blame the post man for not filling your letter box if you’re never around – and don’t own a mailbox.

It’s something I finally got around to correcting.

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Home, sweet, barely visible home. It’s a fifteen minute round trip walk from my house to the new mail box. Look closely and you can see my oak and tin abode above the fence.

I’ve spent a good deal of the past 15 years traveling the world by boat, mule and bike. Between journeys, I’d find a place to stay – for a few months to a few years – then carry on.

There were the semi-stationary addresses – strings of rented barn apartments, regular apartments and hunt boxes (horse stalls below, digs above) – mostly in Southern Pines, North Carolina. There were sea level addresses (thanks Keith and Melinda) and others on mountain tops (howdy Kristin and Grant).

There were even government addresses with tiny brass doors – that’s called a PO Box.

There were times of no address at all. On the road I got mail the old fashioned traveler’s way – General Delivery. General Delivery Tecumseh, Oklahoma while traveling by mule and pack pony across America. General Delivery Keyes, Oklahoma heading south to Mexico with a yellow wagon. Overseas, in French territories like New Caledonia, it sounded even grander – “Post Restante”.

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Woody and Maggie, the mule and pony with which I traveled across the USA
descriptor of shot
Where does the postman leave the mail when you live in a tipi? Answer: General Delivery at the nearest post office. My digs for 13 months as I traveled by mule across America (Butterfield Trail, AZ)

This getting mail all around drove the search engines bug house nuts.

Hell, over the years I’ve had so many addresses when I searched my address online I learned I lived in St Thomas, USVI. Oh, right… In the late 1990s I ran aground a few months in the Caribbean. (I was giving riding lessons so I could earn enough money to sail on to the Pacific – which I did).

Of course all of this spun through my head as I attached the trace chain that attached the locust log to mule.

Say what?

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Posted Sunday July 27, 2014 by Bernie
Where this story happened:

Heads up! The pony express should be galloping by that nice mailbox in the next couple of days. Hope all goes well at 2449 Zack’s Fork Rd. What an address!

— Julia · Wednesday September 17, 2014 · #

Checking back in to see what you have been doing. I am very sorry for your losses.
Hope you are well. It seems that you are not posting very frequently. I am living in Newton, NH and if you visit your friend Julia, maybe I could meet you. I admire what you do and enjoyed your book. Someday I hope to travel a bit around NH in a very modest version of your set up.
Best Wishes for the New Year! I loved the tv spot on public television. Your vardo is awesome.
Pat Gabriel

— pat gabriel · Thursday January 1, 2015 · #

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