Flooded Top Hat and the Cowboy Wedding Bride
April 6, 2019

We’re off! Today mules Cracker, Brick and I set off headed West. Here are a few photos of how our journey started.

Bernie Harberts, mule, brick, cracker
We hit the road at 10:30a this morning. I was riding out our front gate. Just when Brick and Cracker and I needed a photographer….our mail lady Robin drove by. She was headed to the dump. My lucky day. Thanks for the sending-off photo Robin!
Bernie Harberts, mule, brick, cracker
After 7 miles, I gave Cracker and Brick a break in a willow grove beside an industrial park. I pulled their saddles to let their backs dry. It’s vital they don’t get saddle sores, especially this early in the game. There were minor casualties in that….
Bernie Harberts, mule, brick, cracker
….my water jug sprang a leak and filled up my tophat. It being hot out, my solution was to…
Bernie Harberts, mule, brick, cracker
…let Brick have a drink. Now that’s a fancy bucket!
Bernie Harberts, mule, brick, cracker
On the side of a narrow road, I saw a bride in a wedding gown and veil run out of a house trailer. She was holding a blue baby bottle and swinging a child through the air. She shouted to me, “hey, come here! Can we see your horses?”
Bernie Harberts, bride, wedding
That’s how I met Jennifer. She was getting married. She said, “hurry up and take the photo. My wedding’s at 3p!” It was 2.45p. She thought having her picture taken with a mule shortly before her wedding was good luck. It was a cowboy wedding. She wore cowboy boots.
Bernie Harberts, bride, wedding
The roads went to gut wrenching twisty. A sign makers dream.
Bernie Harberts, bride, wedding
The horses are swimming. Spring is finally here.
Bernie Harberts, bride, wedding
Cracker and Brick end the day enjoying a well-deserved drink of water.

Tonight the mules and I are camped out at Anita Alta horse camp. We got in 20 miles, which is a hell of a good start. The next days will be shorter as our route climbs in to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Plenty of fresh grass and a brook to go to sleep by. I think I’ll just roll my bivy bag out under a river birch and sleep under the stars tonight.


Posted Saturday April 6, 2019 by Bernie
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