Hoofing and sharing it.
June 17, 2015

A while back I decided to travel across North Carolina by mule. Trouble was, I didn’t own a saddle bag, horse trailer, or, yeah, it gets worse, a vehicle.

I did own a mule named Woody.

allan crawford new zealand
Mule Woody and pony Maggie on the North Carolina leg of our 13 month journey across America. I’m grinning because I’m trying out the blue saddle bags I just made of old horse blankets and leather scraps.

By dint of sewing, borrowing and improvising, I clobbered together enough gear together to get across the Tar Heel State. That went so well, I traveled another three seasons to the Pacific Ocean.

Curious how this catch-as-catch-can approach to life might apply to your own?

Then check out the “Hoofing It: by Mule Across North Carolina” program Thursday, June 18 at the Madison County Public Library in Marshall, North Carolina. The program begins at 6:30p. ‘be great to visit with you afterwards.

“Hoofing It: by Mule Across North Carolina”
Madison County Public Library
1335 N. Main St.
Marshall, NC 2875

Posted Wednesday June 17, 2015 by Bernie
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