I Hope Their Legs Keep Working
May 6, 2019

Bernie Harberts, mule, trail ride, Gray, Kentucky
Russ and Shannon

The mules were tied to the chain link fence on the side of the highway. They were eating away their hour-long lunch break.
I heard the putt putt of a 4-wheeler.
Many people I’ve met on this trip that ride 4-wheelers are out of shape. Big. Many look like they can’t use their legs any more. Not all. But many.
I turned. Expected what to see.
These 2 looked like their legs still worked.
“You’re in Gray,” they said.
Then they rode off.
I hope their legs keep working.

Bernie Harberts, mule, trail ride, Gray, Kentucky
Lunch break on the fence. Most days, I ride 3 hours in the morning then unsaddle Brick and Cracker for one hour. Let them graze. Then saddle them back up and ride another 3 hours. They need to eat as much grass on the hoof because grain is too heavy to carry and they’re working hard.
Posted Monday May 6, 2019 by Bernie
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