It's Not's What's Over the Door
August 17, 2013
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Here’s a closer look at corn crib life.

The corn crib’s mesh wire lining.
Corn crib moth. It comes from a corn weevil. Neither names are scientifically correct. It’s just what I hear folks around Erect call them. The night after I heard all the fluttering over my hammock, I woke to an odd scene on my rain sheet. The rain sheet covers the top of hammock. The fluttering was the sound of bat wings. The rain sheet was covered in moth wings. They were the size and texture of sun flower seed skins. The bats had eaten the flying weevils and, finding the wings unpalatable, let them fall on to my hammock.
The weevils eat the corn and turn in to moths. The corn crib chickens, in turn, eat the moths. Here, a hen takes a break from stalking her winged snacks. The moths are visible as light specks on the heavy beams that serve as the corn crib base.
Edible grooming attire. The ground around the crib is littered with corn husks. To reduce weight, I do not carry a grooming brush. I rely, instead, on whatever I can find to knock the dirt of my mule’s coat – pine cones, branches, clumps of dry grass. Here, a corn husk is used to rub dirt from Polly’s coat. After I groomed her, she at the husk. Now that’s travel efficiency.
Please don’t go! One of Wayne’s mules begging for attention. Okay, I was holding an ear of corn in my hand.
Farewell corn crib friend: Buddy and Polly prepare to tackle another day on the road. Polly is already wearing her pack saddle. The only thing left to do is strap on her saddle bags and ….
…hit the road. Though increasingly rare, dirt roads still crisscross some of the Uwharrie Forest, just west of Wayne’s home. This leads to some beautiful rural surprises like….
… this fence line passion fruit.

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Posted Saturday August 17, 2013 by Bernie
Where this story happened:

Great story – wish I was on the road with you and your mules. I probably would prefer the company of the mules. No offense. :)

Sheila Morris · Thursday June 12, 2014 · #

I happen to have a mule that Wayne Hussey broke to work. I ride him now and he has a great deal of manners on the ground. Wayne must be the real deal—I’ve never met him, but his talents with mules is legendary!

— Michelle Childress · Friday July 11, 2014 · #

Great to hear you ended up with one of Wayne’s mules. They’re some kind of broke. I had the pleasure of driving one of his teams years back. If you’re ever in his part of the county, be sure to drop by. Better yet, saddle up your mule and pay him a visit that way. I’m sure he’d let you hang your hammock in “my” spot next to the corn crib! Cheers. Bernie

Bernie · Wednesday July 16, 2014 · #

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