November Herd

The forecast threw us off. It was supposed to stream down sun beams but instead showered us with water.

The view from where I’m writing you.

The mules don’t care. They graze the November grass as the rain beads up on their backs and their bellies fill with fescue.

The view from the outside looking in. During the summer,the mules field is a hay pasture. During the off season – November to April – we fence off sections with hot tape and let them browse the winter growth.

4 Responses to November Herd

  • There’s no place like home…..well,at least until the ‘ol Adventure Bug starts biting again!

    • Hi Bob. There really is no place like the cabin in the field with the smoke twirling from the stove. Evenings with Julia while the critters graze in the pasture by the brook. The Travel Bug always returns but I think it’s hibernating this winter. I hope you’re having a great fall. Bit howdy to Jacquie and the critters. Bernie

  • Now that you are back home is store open? Would very much like to have one of your books for my dad’s birthday. When he met you at our house he has bugged me to death to fill him in on you and adventure. If you have time give me a call.

    • Howdy Dave. Great hearing from you! I just wanted to let you know General Store is open. We’d love to hear from you. I’ve been out of cell service a lot lately but am finally back in to range. Give Pam and Matt and Cooper and everyone a big howdy from the mules and me! Bernie

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