Lesbians, Furries, Kissing Men, and A New Belt in the Sandhills of Nebraska

My wife Julia and I left western North Carolina in our homemade gypsy vardo wagon and arrived four days later in the Sandhills of Nebraska, where we spent the night in a cabin owned by a rancher and his wife. They own a leather shop, and I asked her if she could make me a new belt. “Sure,” she said and told me to drop by the leather shop the next morning.

The rancher’s wife and her children
The cabin… Continue reading

From Starved to Star

The transformation of Magneto

A kind soul rescued him from a herd of eighty feral horses, some of which were starved, others of which had broken legs. And yet, he survived. Read the amazing story of Magneto the Magnificent, my wife Julia’s new horse, at her blog Saddle Under the Stars.

Little Red Vardo Gypsy Wagon Road Trip

This week, my wife Julia and I hitched our little red vardo gyspy wagon to the Subaru and headed west. It’s the same wagon my mule Polly pulled across most of Newfoundland and then through Pamlico County in eastern North Carolina. It featured in the “Our State” / UNC-TV’s episode “Mule Rider” which won a regional Emmy Award for director Morgan Potts.

Loading up L’il Red. I also call it the Newfie Wagon because my mule Polly pulled it across… Continue reading

Why You Need a Hay Moisture Meter

If you…

  • think the horse hay you’re buying is dry but don’t know the exact moisture content (ex: 12 %)
  • pride yourself in being able to stick your hand into a bale of hay and say, “this hay is dry”
  • wonder why the hay you bought in August smells stale by the next April

…then you need a hay moisture meter (also called a moisture tester).

The inside of our hay barn

How do I know this? Because I’ve made… Continue reading

Snake Bites Mule

Snake bites mule: Brick tangles with a non-poisonous black snake.

A while back, Julia and I rode spent six weeks traveling with two saddle and one pack mule from our farm in western North Carolina to Virginia and back. We posted a lot of stories on this trip but here’s one I never got around to sharing with you.

Julia was riding a mule named Dusty we’d borrowed from our friend Ronald Hudson. I was riding my mule Brick. As… Continue reading

Casper the Super-friendly Cat up for Adoption

AUGUST 26: CASPER UPDATE Great big thanks to our neighbor Brandon Lane Darrin who recognized Casper, the mucho-cool cat who showed up at our barn this week. It turns out Casper is “Kit Kit”, our neighbor’s cat. He disappeared in late March and has been reunited with his family, a mom and dad and three kids. A great ending to the story. Our barn’s a little quiet now since he left….

Casper is a trusting cat. This photo was taken… Continue reading

Snookie: 2008 – 2021

He started life in a ditch, could out-howl a tin coyote and cleaned a skillet better than a scrub pad. Today, his life ended under our chestnut tree. Our dog Snookie is gone. My wife Julia and I are torn up over this. The longer story of his life is coming.

Snookie riding in my wagon at Benson Mule Days 2018

Robbins Farmers Day: Wagons, Faces and Feet

A teamster, a parade and a mule. This weekend mule Polly and I hung out with Ronald Hudson at Farmers Day in Robbins, NC. He and I were in the parade and I made some photos I thought you’d enjoy. They’re loosely in the order they happened.

Hurry up and wait: my dear friend Ronald Hudson. I bought mule Polly from him 15 years ago. This weekend he and I drove her through the Robbins parade.
Heading to the start… Continue reading

LiL Eagleman: Loving a Leucstic Chipping Sparrow

Could you grow to love a leucistic sparrow? This week my wife Julia wrote about LiL Eagleman, a rare, white-headed sparrow she’s fallen for. You can read the whole story right here on her ConsideringAnimals.com blog.

Lil Eagleman under our chestnut tree. He’s a rare (think 1 in 30,000) leucistic chipping sparrow. Plenty more about him and the speed of love on ConsideringAnimals.com.

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