Photo of the Day – John Klingberg


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5 months ago

Two interesting things: first, people’s fundamental personalities are hard-wired into their systems, meaning it’s not really possible to fundamentally rework who or even how you are. This goes directly against the “You can be whatever/however you want” manifesto so prevalent in US. No you can’t. Second thing: the oxygen tube is stained _from the inside_ by nicotine. Maybe that’s the secret to happiness – nicotine!

Bernie Harberts
5 months ago
Reply to  Christian

Yeah, I love meeting characters like John in my travels. He took what pleasures he found in life and didn’t overanalyze how they fit into a higher form of himself. It is a real lesson in taking the day and ourselves for the way they are. Plus, he sold cactus jelly! More about that in a future Photo of the Day.

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