Pickle Jug Water Container

Salvation came from a bar. I was one water container short heading in to the sage brush country of Wyoming with my mules Brick and Cracker. Dale at the Miner’s Grubstake and Bar in Atlantic City gave me an empty one gallon pickle jar. With a twig and some twine, I turned it in to a makeshift water container.

Welcome to the Land of Good Enough: out here, you make do with what you find…

It’s working fine. Even if if it makes my water taste like a martini. Elegant.

The pickle container on the Oregon Trail. It’s hanging from the bottom of Brick’s near saddle bag. (outside Little Prospect Mountain, Wyoming).

This pickle container thing seems to be a recurring theme in my life. There was the time Julia and I built the Pickle Raft back home in Carolina.


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Doug Winders
Doug Winders
4 years ago

Water to martini..?!!!Save that damn jar!

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