Postcard From Flinders Island, Tasmania

It happens. I get to a really remote part of Tasmania and decide it’s time to write the folks on the Postcard from Tasmania list. That’s right, I break out the pen, some local postcards, get writing and bike those cards to the nearest post office. Then, about two weeks later, those postcards show up in letterboxes all over the world. Some, like those that end up on the US east coast, travel around 10,000 miles.

The morning after: the scene in my hammock after yesterday’s late night writing session (Flinders Island, Tasmania)

Last time I sent out a flock of postcards was from Tasmania’s (meaning Australia’s) southernmost road house and postal unit. This week, I’m writing folks from Flinders Island, an eight hour boat voyage off Tasmania’s north east cape.

So what am I writing about? You’ll just have to wait until you get the card. I’ll give you one clue, though. The sperm whale I refer to is the one below. (Okay, most of you got conventional postcards. Don in Oriental, I sent you one made out of a Cascade beer can…). And the rest of the story? The rest of the story is heading your way under a $1.50 Australian postage stamp.

Hold Fast!

Dead sperm whale: an amazing creature capable of diving hundreds of feet in search of giant squid, it’s especially rare to find one stranded on a beach(Flinders Island, Tasmania)

(PS: I plan to ramble on Flinders another week or so perfecting my smoked fish head recipe. Last time mistake were made. For those of you who want a card from this way remote Tasmania island, I plan on sending a few more before I catch the log boat back to the mainland. More details on the Postcard from Tasmania are here.)

Riley and Kasey Thompson
2011-02-17 11:42:47

Hi Bernie,

Steve Leech here … Rika’s dad … and more to the point, the grandpa of two 5 year old, adorable of course, identical twin granddaughters, Riley and Kasey Thompson. They have one of your books and would be tickled pink if you would send them a postcard from Tanzania!!! They live in Harrisonburg, VA – Shenandoah Valley country! I’ll alert my daughter Wendy of the possibility.

Address is: 218 Franklin St, Harrisonburg, VA 22801 … their email is:

Mine is

Miss you around here, but know you’re having a fine adventure.

Thanks so much,

Steve & RikaPuppyDog

Just remember, it’s always about the ball!


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