RiverEarth Site Upgrades

Welcome to the new RiverEarth.com site!

This week, while snow pounded the Great Plains here at RiverEarth.com, we pounded the keys…

Welcome to the new RiverEarth.com site!
Bernie at RiverEarth.com HG (also known as Lost Sea Mule Wagon)
Southern Pines, NC

A big week here at RiverEarth.com headquarters. While heavy snows hammered the Great Plains, delaying the departure of our wagon journey from Canada to Mexico, we pounded the computer keys. We think you’ll enjoy the improvements we made to the site.

So what’s been added?

For starters, a search engine that lets you search for stories on RiverEarth.com. Example. You might remember reading something on the site about how a mosasaur swallows.

Mosasaur skeleton
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
Rapid City, SD

The mosasaur was a giant marine reptile that swam in the shallow sea that covered the Great Plains 80 million years ago. Last year, as mule Polly and I traveled from Canada to South Dakota in our wagon, we interviewed various folks about these creatures. But how are you supposed to dig into that material?

Now, instead of searching the archives one article at a time, you just type “mosasaur” or “skeleton” into the search box. Then hit the ENTER key and Presto! the stuff you’re searching shows up.

Try it. You’ll be amused.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding other features to the site – like a searchable archive of all the stories ever posted on RiverEarth.com.

But not all’s been changed aboard the Lost Sea wagon, RiverEarth.com’s official headquarters.

Inside the Lost Sea Wagon

Other parts of the site, like the the General Store and Contact Bernie are the same as before.

So have a look around and and drop us a line with your thoughts.

And for you snowbound folks in South Dakota, git shovelin’ that white stuff so Polly and I can get started….

(Thanks to the folks over at towndock.net. for amping up the RiverEarth.com site.)


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